Treena Huxley, MC, R. Psych (AB&BC)

“Life is a journey and not a destination” ~Barry Marcus

Treena views the destinations in her life as stops she is making on her journey. In  1993 she began with the work of literacy spearheading a street literacy program and prison literacy program on Vancouver Island. In this capacity Treena worked on the frontlines with inmates and street youth facilitating learner-driven functional literacy skills. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science  from the University of Victoria in 1995, she decided to take her degree and work in Japan teaching English as a second language for several years.

Upon arriving back in Canada, and prior to starting a Master’s degree in Counselling, Treena worked directly with children who were diagnosed with physical, emotional and behavioural disorders in the school, home, and community settings. She began to recognize the serious need to further support not only the child with the disability but the entire family. This experience motivated Treena in furthering her educational and professional development so that she had a greater expertise to offer the children and family members.  

In 2008, Treena graduated from Campus Alberta with a Master’s of Counselling. Her final research project was titled “Self Regulation in Children with Autism”. This project examined the way that engagement with a child diagnosed with autism may have an impact on the child’s ability to regulate their physical and emotional states and the therapeutic implications of these interactions.

Treena was keenly interested in different ways to provide optimal support to families in their home and community settings while enriching the relationships between family members, in particular, child-parent relationships. Her learning was enriched by a more in-depth study of Attachment Theory and the applications of this theory on interpersonal relationships.

The opportunity to have lived in different cultures, travel, and work with a multitude of families in their home settings has allowed Treena to gain further insight into the unique needs of a family and it’s members and gaining the respect of each family environment as a unique culture within itself.  

Treena also was given the opportunity to do therapeutic work through a “Head Start” preschool program where she worked with children who came from ‘at-risk’ environments and as a family counsellor in a child and youth mental health facility. Treena believes that she will continue to reach the destinations on her journey and recognize different ways that individuals and families can be supported and strive to create opportunities for engagement interpersonally, within a family, and within their community.

2003-2008 Campus Alberta Applied Psychology
Master of Counselling
Final Project: Self Regulation in Children with Autism

2000-2001 University of Calgary. Calgary, Alberta. 
2000-2003 Athabasca University. Athabasca, Alberta.
1991-1995 University of Victoria. Victoria, British Columbia.
Bachelor of Science
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Psychology

1988-1991 Mount Royal College. Calgary, Alberta. 

Registrations and Certifications
2010-present, Registered Psychologist, British Columbia
2008-present, Registered Psychologist, Alberta 

2008-present, Psychologists’ Association of Alberta
2010-British Columbia Play Therapy Association