Many people young and old strive for a sense of balance and wellness. This means different things for different people based on life experiences, life stages, personal sensitivities, and our ability to maintain that "just right" level of functioning. I believe that every person is deserving of dignity and respect and we all have the need to feel connected and engaged. Together we can find ways to renew meaning and purpose by regulating our body and feeling states. Actions can be simple shifts in perspectives or larger shifts in the meaning and purpose of our lives. I use a combination of clinical and counselling perspectives to meet a person where they are at on their journey and  to support in the discovery of personal strengths and abilities that will foster wellness and balance.


like nobody's watching;

Love like you've never been hurt.

Sing like nobody's listening;

Live like it's heaven on earth.

~ Mark Twain.


Through forming a nurturing and engaging relationship I can assist individuals who are seeking support, information, and wellness as a pathway to find the authentic you.

Areas of special interest include;

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression and Sadness
  • Adjustment
  • Parenting Concerns
  • Family Relationships
  • Acceptance