Family Violence

I provided child-centered play therapy to children who have witnessed and or experienced physical, mental, or emotional violence. The goal of therapy is to assist a child in gaining a better understanding of events, and gain strategies that will assist them in their ability to calm and sooth themselves, and to learn to trust and access the help of others.

Parent and Caregiver Support
I can assist parents and caregivers in gaining a better understanding of their child’s psychological/emotional issues and/or mental health diagnoses. Also, I can provide support to parents who may be struggling with feelings of loss, anxiety and stress that they may be feeling in light of the adjustments they may be required to make due to a child’s unique behaviours.

Parenting Support
Many parents and/or caregivers struggle when attempting to find a balance between setting appropriate boundaries and exploration. I provide individualized support to the parent in choosing positive behaviour management techniques that fit with the caregiver’s parenting philosophies when attempting to play and interact with their children. I will support a parent in learning to better connect with their child at the child’s developmental level and playfully engage in reciprocal interactions


Dance like nobody's watching;

love like you've never been hurt.

Sing like nobody's listening;

Live like it's heaven on earth.

~ Mark Twain.